Finngulf models

Boat designers

Håkan Södergren

Håkan Södergren is a very well-known Swedish boat designer who gave a golden thumbprint for the start of Finngulf yachts at the beginning of the ’80s. The first FG34, s/y Matriarch L-2110 was a prototype for the World Championship in Helsinki in 1981.

Mr Södergren designed Finngulf/Inferno models 28 (1985), 31 (1977), 32 (1994), 33 (1988), 34 (1981), 36 (1990), 37 (1983), 39 (1982) and 44 (1989).

Photo credit from the Håkan Södergrens website:

Kamu Stråhlmann

Karl-Johan ”Kamu” Stråhlmann is a naval architect and designer of Stråhlmann Yacht Design. He designed Finngulf models FG28e, 33, 331, 37, 41 and 46.

Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Sisters Cara Mia and Luna in Vallisaari Island in Finland at August 2018 (photo Vesa Tuomala)

Farr Yacht Design

Farr Yacht Design was the last Finngulf designer for a 43 footer cruiser/racer. The team of Farr’s architects designed a beautiful sailing boat for IRC and IMS racing – also for pleasure sailing.

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