FG 34

FG 34 HS (1980-1984)

The first FG34, s/y Matriarch L-2110 was a prototype for the World Championship in Helsinki in 1981. Matriarch won later Rolex Fastnet Race and Gotland Runt Offshore Race overall.

We hope to get an interview and video clips from the owner of Matriarch later on. Keep the edge!

Photo credit from the Håkan Södergrens website: https://www.sodergrenyachts.se/yacht-legacy

Interesting to know…

Sea King 34 was produced with the molds of Finngulf 34 by Mr. Matti Moisio in Kaarina, Finland from the end of the ’80s. Hans Groop designed a deeper keel (2,05 m) for her and some modifications were made to rigging. The boat was introduced in the Vene (Boat) magazine in Finland in January 1988. https://venelehti.fi/nakoislehti/?numero=01/1988