FG 43

Farr Yacht Design was the last Finngulf designer for a 43 footer cruiser/racer. The team of Farr’s architects designed a beautiful sailing boat for IRC and IMS racing – also for pleasure sailing. I had the privilege to sail GBR4301 registered 43 footer, s/y Luna Tick, several times with my friends – thanks to Anders and Christian Kurtén.
Vesa 🙂

Luna Tick won the “LLOYDS BANK TROPHY – First ISC Rating Sys boat to finish” in the Round the Island Race 2009 http://www.roundtheisland.org.uk

Kuvassa voi olla 1 henkilö

Fast sailing with Luna Tick (43) from Pirita Marina, Tallinn Estonia to HSK (Helsingfors Segelklubb) in Helsinki, Finland. The young guy laughing is Mr. Antti Hänninen, nowadays one of the co-owners of s/y Cara Mia (46). Photo taken ten years ago, 15th August 2011.

Farr Design #620 Finngulf 43:


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